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Last Updated - Dec 13/11

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Angel's Photo Gallery

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The quality of Angel's care is reflected in the faces of the happy children in our photo gallery. They were taken at the Centre and on numerous outings. We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Who is that Masked Girl?   On a field trip to Six Pines Farm   Enjoying a ride on a horse
 at Six Pines Farm
Arts 'n Crafts – Pearl painting a butterfly to decorate our play room


Floating in comfort in a big pool   Dawn riding a motorcycle at Tinker Town
Gingerbread House –
A special occasion treat
  Look Out Girls!  Jordan is
about to crash into you
  Pearl making herself at home
 in the playhouse
The big comfy couch


Piggyback in Pool.  Big fun for big kids   Angel on the Tinker Town
roller coaster ride
Reading to Baby   Kids love to dress up!   Toni on Trampoline
Pool Play at St. John’s Park top Toni on Merry-go round at Tinker Town   'Kitty' Dawn and 'Gypsy' Toni
Dawn just loves the lawn swing   Dawn…just before she knocks
down the tent
  Mittens and Tweety
Antonio's Big Adventure! top Antonio just has to get that ball
 up into the play structure
  He did it!  He feels so proud.
Here comes the ball!   Now, another challenge….   ...Getting it up the slide!
Digging a garden plot top An interesting discovery Close-up view of an earthworm -
a garden's friend!

Time to water the grass

Water and sand are good for pouring, scooping and measuring.

Watering the flowers


Daniel playing with his toes

A little friendly conversation

Keenan takes a drive

This car needs a push

Relaxing at poolside Daniel in the pool

Chi Chi driving through Safeway

Look, no hands!

Just need one more piece

Photo Gallery - Page 1         Page 2        Page 3       Page 4        Page 5        Page 6        Page 7

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