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Last Updated - Dec 13/11

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Angel's Photo Gallery

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Our merry band of adventurers had a wonderful time during a recent trip to The Forks.  Angel and the kids explored the Children's Museum.  Afterwards we took a ride on a water taxi.  David squealed with delight as he looked behind the boat.  
On another visit to The Forks, David and Daniel spent some time with the Rescue Ink Team, a group of tough guys that intimidate animal abusers into either caring for or giving up their neglected and abused animals.  

A visit to Kilcona Park on another day gave the children plenty to do, from climbing trees and rock walls to swinging and feeding ducks and geese. 

Chanelle on the Water Taxi   All suited up for the boat ride   David thinks the wake is pretty cool!
Outside the Children's Museum   Chelsea strikes a pose            top   Daniel on the train
Chanelle cruises across the bridge   Racing around in the wide open spaces   Chelsea and Daniel sliding
A real owl                                         top   David, Daniel and the Rescue Ink Team   David liked the big dog, but not
the face-licking he got
Kilcona Park has plenty to do for the children from climbing and swinging to feeding ducks and geese.

Daniel on the Play Structure

David finds the perfect tree to sit in   Daniel tries rock climbing   Daniel enjoying the swing


David climbing up   Time to feed the ducks!                  top    
We have been taking advantage of our sunny fall days, by exploring Kilcona /Harbourview Park whenever possible. As the mini-golf course was deserted, we were able to explore that area, too.

 It took two visits and the encouragement of Pearl, an older child, to coax Leland into climbing up all of the tower stairs.  While the other children were happy to pose for pictures, Leland was the first to head back down the stairs. (Down the tower stairs)



The tower doesn't look scary at all
from this distance

The boys on the rocking ship   Let's climb the tower                      top   They made it to the top of the tower!
Down the tower stairs - Leland, the reluctant climber, has had enough
and makes a run for it
  Pearl reaches the top of the tower   The view from the tower

Kids in the cargo hold

Portal Heads


Keenan jumps from rock to rock
Chi Chi on the mini golf course

Leland and Chi Chi


Photo Gallery Page 1         Page 2         Page 3          Page 4        Page 5        Page 6        Page 7

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