Angel's 24-Hour Childcare Home

Photograph Permission Form

            Photos are a wonderful way to share moments of the childrenís day with their families.  Looking back at photos brings back happy memories of the fun they have had.  For this reason, Angelís not only takes photos of individual children, but also of the children interacting with their play mates.  Children enjoy sharing these pictures with their friends and family.  For this reason, creating photo memory books for each child is a part of the program.  For this I need parent or guardian permission.

I give permission for my child, _____________________________to be photographed at Angelís and on field trips.

I give permission for copies of these photos to be shared with the other children. 

Yes ___    No ___

Photos of the children will also be added to our website, with permission of parent/guardian.  The photos could be close up with face showing, or distance, with face not showing. 

I give permission for photos of my children to appear on Angelís web site.  
Yes ___  No ___   distance only ___


Signed:  ____________________________       Date:  _________________________