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Last Updated - Dec 13/11

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Angel's Activities & Outings for Children

At Angelís we believe in learning through play.  Play can be anything from acting out roles in playing house, building sand castles, digging up dirt, building with blocks, or anything that comes to mind in the eyes of a child.

Some play brings lots of laughter as children learn how make fun with friends.  Other play brings concentration as the child experiments with how things work together and solves puzzles.

At Angelís, children have access to a variety of toys and loose materials, and plenty of opportunities for cooperative play: 


Water and sand are good for pouring, scooping and measuring.

  David (L) and Kai working together to sort dinosaur shapes.   Itís fun to dress up and pretend that you are someone else.

Science and nature....  Youíre never too young to study it.

  Cohen making beautiful music with the birds.  

Interactive toys keep tots amused while they learn to relate actions to results.


Some of the ideas children come up with on their own are amazing, like the problem solving situation of trying to get a large ball into the play structure.  A two year old was able to literally use his head to balance the ball, as he climbed up the slide behind it.
Best friends   Keenan on the exercycle  


Trips to the Childrenís Museum are wonderful for this sort of experimentation. 

There are many areas for the children to explore, from dressing up to put on a show, and playing on a real train car, to water play, where children can experiment with toys floating and sinking.

Transportation Permission Form - please print, fill out and sign the form, or obtain one from the Centre.

Dawn on the train
Kids at the Water Table   Jordan working the scoop Works just like a real digger
Kids experimenting with movement   Dancing in front of the magic movie screen So cool!

Farm trips are great for experiencing things like hay rides and feeding calves.  Children get to see animals on a real farm. Below are photos from one of our wonderful trip to Six Pines Farm.

Feeding the calves
Dawn learns to pet the alpaca. So soft!
Dawn takes a ride
Toni riding tall in the saddle

There are many other places in and around Winnipeg that are enriching experiences for the children.  Angelís likes to plan trips to the zoo, museum, and water parks. This summer we've been able to take in a neighbourhood fair, complete with pony rides.  The kids loved it.

Chelsey's turn   Wow! What a rider!   Only getting feet wet today   At the nearby playground

Gardening:  a part of earth sciences.  Children love everything to do with dirt and water, so they make natural gardeners.


Digging a garden plot


An interesting discovery


Close-up view of an earthworm - a garden's friend!


Time to water the grass


Now what?


Watering the strawberry plants



David waters the strawberry plants with pool water.


A fresh-picked strawberry



Touching is encouraged


Tasting grass is not!


Visit our Photo Gallery to see more of our adventures!


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