Angel's 24-Hour Childcare Home

Transportation permission form

            As there are many interesting places to visit, in and around the city, and field trips are an integral part of the program, Angelís needs permission to transport children in Angelís personal vehicle.

I give permission for my child, _____________________   to be transported in Angelís personal vehicle:

Within the city limits:    Yes___   No ___      Outside the city limits:   Yes ___   No ___

Signed:  __________________________          Date:  _________________________

Parents will be made aware of any field trips that are not walking distance from Angelís.

Should parents have reservations about transportation or field trips, we will attempt to come to a solution, whether it involves public transit, the parentís vehicle or any other suitable solution.  There may be times when public transportation is the preferred travel method for city trips.

Safe, fun, learning experiences are what we are all about!